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Jaguar Classic Red for Men – 100ml

Description: 1.Brand: Jaguar 2 .Capacity: 100ml 3 .Gender: Men 4.Country of Origin: France 5.Product Type: Eau De Toilette
Manufacturer: PT International
Delivery date: 1-2 days
  • Jaguar classic red cologne is the perfect fragrance for modern men who love living life to the fullest . 
  • Introduced by jaguar in 2013, this invigorating cologne harmoniously blends creamy, spicy, fruity, and floral tones and is sure to draw attention. 
  • Its top notes include blueberry and raspberry, which give it a natural sweetness that's not too overbearing. The middle and bottom notes include tonka, pepper, and cedar, creating an overall fragrance that's masculine, sensual, and designed to make any man feel more confident.  
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